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Table 6 Results from prospective studies on depression and subsequent prostate cancer occurrence

From: A meta-analysis on depression and subsequent cancer risk

First author (ref) Number of subjects with depression Number of subjects without depression Crude RR (95% CI) Multivariable adjusted RR (95% CI) reported in paper Adjustment factors for multivariable RR
  Cancer No cancer Cancer No cancer    
Penninx (19) N.a. N.a. N.a. N.a. - 1.47 (1.01–22.79) Age, race, disability, hospital admissions, alcohol, smoking
Gallo (15) N.a. N.a. N.a. N.a. 3.6 (0.4–31.3) 11.8 (1–144.3) Age, smoking, alcohol
Schuurman (23) 3 1338 263 66762 0.57 (0.18–1.78) 0.65 (0.21–2.05) Age, socio-economic status