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Table 1 Measurement and labelling criteria of violence by an intimate partner among currently married women in Butajira, rural Ethiopia

From: Intimate partner violence and depression among women in rural Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Measurement Labelling criteria
Physical violence  
Moderate Experiencing any of the six items is considered as experiencing ' physical violence'
   • Being slapped or object thrown at person  
   • Being pushed or shoved  
   • Being hit with a fist or object Experiencing only one or both of the first two items is labelled 'moderate'; if any of the other four items were experienced, this was labelled 'severe' physical violence
   • Being kicked, dragged or beaten  
   • Being choked or burned intentionally  
   • Threatened with or use of weapon/knife  
Sexual violence  
   • Physically forced to have sex Experiencing any of the three items is labelled as ' sexual violence'
   • Forced to have sex that made her afraid  
   • Presence of degrading sex  
Emotional violence  
   • Being belittled or humiliated in front of others Experiencing any of the three items is considered 'emotional violence'
   • Subjected to fear or intimidation Experiencing only one item is labelled 'moderate' ; experiencing two or more items is labelled 'severe'emotional violence
   • Threatened, either you or someone close  
Any form of intimate partner violence Experiencing any physical, sexual or emotional violence is considered as experiencing 'intimate partner violence'